City Tours
A city tour can be designed absolutely individually. Either by bus, van, coach, limousine, trabi, vintage car, Rickshaw, in your own vehicle, or by boat. A standard tour takes 3-4 hours. I recommand one of the three topselling tours: Berlin in the overview The berlin wall tour Berlin the downfall Start and end of a tour by arrangement. Pick up from hotel, airport, central station, or wherever you wish.
A city tour can be organized as a Trabi  convoy, or in  a usual car or in a luxury limousine.
By car
By bus
By boat
In a convertible bus through West - Berlin, or in a luxury bus through the whole city.
There are a wide variety of ship – or boat trips through Berlin Mitte, along the bank of the river Spree, through the canals, or far out to lake Wannsee or Müggelsee.
City Tours in the Overview
The west, the east and the new center
In the west : We drive through the strolling and shopping Avenue Kurfürstendamm. We drive along the victory column and enter the new center, the Potsdamer Platz. In the east : Brandenburg Gate, Gendarmenmarkt square, Unter den Linden, Berlin Cathedral, museum island, Humboldt Forum, Alexander square, Karl Marx Allee, etc. On request, we can focus the tour on the west or east.
The Berlin Wall Tour
This tour is a journey through the Cold War, from 1945 until the fall of the wall. The tour stations: We see the remaining original pieces of the Berlin wall. Brandenburg Gate, Reichtag building, Wall Memorial, Topography of Terror, Alexander Platz, Karl Marx Allee, East - Side Gallery, etc.
Berlin - The Downfall
From the roaring 20`s into the maelstrom of the national socialism, 1933-1945, until the zero hour. The tour stations : Reichstag building, Victory Column, Wilhelmstraße, Brandenburg Gate, Ministry of Aviation, Topography of Terror, Tempelhof Airport,  Momument for the Killed Jews of Europe, etc.
The summer residence of the prussian rulers. Potsdam, a trip around the world . Italy touches France. Europe meets the Orient and East Asia. The tour stations : Palace park Sans Souci, the New Palace, the Russian colony Alexandrowka, Cecilienhof palace and the Dutch quarter. The prussian kings, didn´t they all have the same name? William or Friederich, or Friederich-Wilhelm ? During this tour, the names will get contours and colour. We take a walk through the Palace park Sans Souci. I highly recommend, to bring some more time, to go on a guided tour through the palace Sans Souci.
Christmas Markets
In the dark and sunless month of December, the city gets more  beautiful than ever. The two boulevards,  Unter den Linden and the Kurfürstendamm, compete against each other, in the magic Christmas lighting event. A 3-hour long tour through the diversity of the Christmas illuminations. Even the Government buildings and embassies shine in the glow of electric stars. From almost 40 Christmas markets, we will visit the most beautiful one.
Festival of lights
This festival takes place every year in October. 2016 : Festival of Lights 07.  16.10.2016 For 11 years the Festival of Lights attracts light artists from all over the world to Berlin and bring their talents to light-up the city to a spectacular, dazzling shine. On the facades of the most famous Berlin buildings and monuments, the tell their fantastic stories, with lighting installations and fluently changing  projections. This festival attracts two million visitors to Berlin, yearly.
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